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Criminal Defense


Defending a criminal charge can be a daunting task. Utah’s judicial system is very hard on criminal defendants. We always strive to get criminal charges dismissed. If that cannot be accomplished, we work to reduce the consequences of your arrest. If the results are not satisfactory, we fight the charges at trial. Take charge of your criminal defense case with an Ascendus Law Attorney.

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Utah has very harsh consequences for DUI convictions. Mandatory jail time and driver’s license suspension are two of the many possibilities. However, there are many ways to attack a DUI charge. Fight your DUI charge with an Ascendus Law Attorney.

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Traffic Citations


Consequences for traffic citations can include increased insurance costs, fines, suspended driver’s license, and a marred traffic record. Consequences are even more serious for CDL holders and other professional drivers. Contest your traffic citation with an Ascendus Law Attorney.

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